A good reason to talk to yourself Is you have more than one self.

There is your ego and your subconscious You’ll want to affect your subconscious

Your subconscious mind is the key to reaching your desires because of the mind’s connection to our multiverse. Universal Sub-atomic Energy is in direct connection to human thought.

That’s right. What you think is connected to this universe. Why not control it and get what you want? My music videos explain more about manifesting things.

The science behind my music helps “reality shift.” Our minds can and do control energy throughout this universe. The matter within our bodies consists of atoms. Our atoms have the same material found throughout this universe. All atoms have sub-atomic energy (the Quantum field). The famous “double slit experiment” initiated by Thomas Young in 1802 ultimately revealed energy has a dualistic quality dependant upon observation. In other words, energy responds different when observed, as opposed to being under no observation. Ultimately, observation is synonymous to consciousness. Enough thought focused upon a value will effect what we call a Quantum energy field and manifest. Quite as it's kept, my music assists positive thinking. Manifestation is positive thinking

My sounds could be described as Mantra format in that the language is directed to the subconscious mind. The traditional “I am “ statements are not employed because they do not effectively get past the “critical divide.” The critical divide protects our subconscious. An “I am” statement can easily be found false by one's ego. Your ego can simply say “ oh no you’re not.” We use the “question command” format instead of saying “I am” this or that. The question format gets no resistance from the ego and goes direct to the subconscious where it can be reckoned. Example: instead of saying “I am wealthy” we alternatively utter the question “Why am I so wealthy?” Your ego will not question the feeling with question. Instead your question with feeling will reach your subconscious. Your subconscious will eventually show you the reason you are wealthy or whatever it is you asked

How to get what you want. I assume everyone wants what they desire. It’s common sense. You certainly must know basically what you want. Let this universe fill in the details. Your subconscious automatically stores stuff like that deep down inside your mind.

It’s a matter of you thinking of it and sending signals to the rest of your body and the universe. This happens in a wink of an eye because thought is electronic. Just like in fairy tales “belief” is the key to success. The difference here is we’re not talking just fairytales. We’re talking about you controlling your reality. They commonly call it manifestation.

Simple things like using a knife and fork , walking, talking are forms of manifestation ie getting or doing what you want. They had to be learned and developed. We often forget about the simple things because they seem easy. They seem easy because of practice.

It’s the same thing with other forms of manifestation like love, wealth, and talents. You learn these things. This universe helps you manifest them.

Let’s brake down the learning process so that we can apply it to virtually anything. Remember controlling the time element is where most folk mess up. This universe does not measure time the way we do. The only real indisputable time is now. Don’t let time present a problem. Yes it’s true most people want things done immediately. Immediately can be a disadvantage for your if you’re not truly ready. What determines if you’re truly ready. Only the universe knows. This is why you should humble yourself and relax.

Know basically what it is you want. Visualize it in your mind Let go of the thought knowing it will manifest

Those are the three basic things that are done. Manifestation is actually that easy. Sometimes we do these things so rapidly that it seems automatic. Common things have been learned and practiced so much, your ego has little need to think. They are ingrained into your subconscious.

Other things can be difficult because of pre-programmed mental values. Don’t worry. Even the so-called difficult stuff can be manifested easily upon truly understanding principles.

Look at other things you may want to manifest. Sometimes It takes a little practice to imagine several hundreds and millions of dollars. Certain people find it easy and others may find it difficult. The degree of ease is dependent upon previous experiences ingrained in the subconscious mind. The less you have in your subconscious, the more easy it is for your subconscious mind to connect to the universe and get the job done.

What if we could easily manifest things? You can. Please realize it is simply contingent upon how free your subconscious mind is. Most adults have a build up of false beliefs programmed into their subconscious. False beliefs deep in the subconscious is what makes manifestation a problem for most people over 9 years old.

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